Red Stare  (Hunt)  16 x 11.5"  collage and mixed medium  2015

I like to imagine that my curiosity towards painting and sculpture results in coherent artifacts of integrity that are intuitively accessible.


Larry Graeber is best known for his intuitively executed organic oil-on-canvas paintings. He also practices a moderate scale sculptural endeavor that employs studio and shop refuse, wood, paint, etc., and the production of two-dimensional foam board, foil tape, etc. constructions. In support of these fundamental practices he regularly addresses fleeting forays in works on paper of assorted techniques.

Being intrigued by scale, Graeber deliberately works back and forth from work of one size to another resulting in paintings as small as 18 x 18” and other paintings as large as 77 x 66”.

Graeber sees himself as a product of the postmodern era, having no regard for grand theories or idealistic principles but rather sees life through a pluralistic lens.  He is persuaded that all branches of knowledge are multi-disciplinary, and that culture is a fabric of global influences.

Recent events:

Rivard Report - Urban. Independent. All About San Antonio.  Larry Graeber: Making Art as a Way of Life by David S Rubin,

Meet the Future 2016 pop-up exhibition, six artists, McNay Art Museum, San Antonio

Fabrik Expo, booth # 406 -  Los Angeles Art Fair, January 2016

Texas Abstract, Modern/Contemporary, a history and survey of the abstract movement in Texas - included in this book

Texas Abstract  -   Gallery Sonja Roesch,  April 2015

Texas Abstract  -   Galveston Arts Center,   February 2015

Larry Graeber was born in San Antonio to Jeeta and David Graeber. He grew up in Austin the son of a homemaker/volunteer and an architect, the eldest of three children.  Following high school he went to Southwest Texas State University. After two years of college Graeber moved back to Austin and worked for a short time as a mural and carpet designer for Texas Mental Health and Mental Retardation, Facilities and Design.

Later in 1972 Graeber moved to San Antonio where he resumed work, waited on tables and furthered his education. He studied sculpture at Trinity University under the tutelage of Phil Evett, filmmaking at the Southwest School of Art with Joseph Tovares,  jewelry and printmaking at San Antonio College with Tom Willome and Dr. Sucell, a film history class at the University of Texas at San Antonio with Seth Wollitz. During this time he also participated in and with several co-founders founded an organization called the Christian Aesthetic Community, producing films and dances related to their Christian faith.

Exhibiting began in 1971 with participation in the Texas Painting and Sculpture Exhibition, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, (catalog). After arriving in San Antonio Larry took up residence in a duplex where he produced some 30 large oil stick drawings, one airbrush painting and several bisque fired sculptures that translated into a one-person show curated by John Leeper director of the McNay Art Museum, titled Works from a Small Duplex, exhibited in 1974 (catalog). In 1986 Graeber was among the group of artists that helped establish the Blue Star Art Space with an inaugural exhibition, Contemporary Art for San Antonio (catalog).

In 1976 Graeber produced his first public sculpture supported with private and matching city funds to produce a14 foot plexiglas and steel sculpture that  sits comfortably in Eduardo Garcia Park  just west of central downtown San Antonio. This led to a focus on large-scale sculpture that he made until the late 1980s that found homes in both public and private collections.

In 1992 with a move into a new home and studio Graeber began focusing on his oil painting and moderate sized sculpture.  An interest in two-dimensional foam board  constructions developed and along with his works on paper illustrated the vocabulary of his current interests.

A blend of intuition and rational back and forth characterizes a good part of Graeber’s work.  A sort of settling occurs as the work comes to a close that frequently has psychological overtones.

As of late Larry and Sharon have become empty-nesters, with their daughter Aiyin studying aerospace engineering at UT Austin . In the fall of 2014 Graeber was honored to be included in a new book titled Texas Abstract, Modern/Contemporary, a history and survey of the abstract movement in Texas.

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Texas painter and sculptor located in San Antonio, Texas

Please find here illustrated current paintings, sculpture, a page of assorted paper works and a miscellaneous page of past work that are also available.

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